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Larry is invited to be the keynote, general session, or workshop speaker at many association and corporate conferences, meetings, symposiums, and shows.

As a sought after speaker, Larry's speeches - which inspire, educate and motivate audiences to create a unique, powerful leading brand - receive rave reviews and enhance the tone of each client's venue.

Larry shares his ideas. Ideas that create winning brands that drive revenue, business value and long term success. His passion, and entertaining style deliver an insightful and enjoyable experience that motivates his audiences to explore new creative approaches to grow their business and achieve a new level of brand positioning success.



General Session
Brand Marketing Retreat


7 Powerful Strategies to Focus and Build Your Brand, Dominate Your Product Category and Drive Business Performance

7 Powerful Strategies To Build Your Brand and Inspire Your Team To “Live Your Brand”
Brand Marketing Roundtable
Branding Forum



Blending his brand marketing ideas while showcasing well-known brand successes, Larry inspires audiences to develop a powerful marketing machine to uniquely focus and position their brand to emotionally connect with the customer - create a winning brand that delivers premium value, personal relevance, and earns its marketing stripes as the best-selling brand in its product category.

Larry also demonstrates the importance to focus - to differentiate to own something in the consumer’s mind. During his presentation, he discusses proven innovative ideas and strategies to build brand awareness to capture mindshare, dominate the market, and build impressive market share. And, as a result, become a trusted brand (not a commodity) to win customer confidence, build brand equity, and strengthen leadership credentials by being known as the #1 brand in your product category.

His creative approach to brand marketing and building brand value exceeds audiences' expectations, ensuring an enjoyable, entertaining, and memorable experience. Larry delivers premium value by sharing break-through branding ideas and the marketing know-how to drive brand leadership business success in today’s ever-changing competitive landscape.

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More Than Just A Speech
Following his presentation, Larry will provide a brand marketing roundtable” where attendees can benefit from additional value – an opportunity to meet and interact in a unique leadership chat. This popular, informal forum enables attendees to discuss topics of interest presented earlier as well as pose questions about the key marketing and branding challenges they're facing - specific marketing issues to drive revenue and drive business performance.

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