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Your brand is one of the single most important financial assets you own.

In today's ever-changing competitive business landscape senior management has to be well prepared in developing and executing new brand marketing ideas and strategies to build a powerful brand, own a product category and improve the performance of their business.

The BRAND: NEW DAYSM leadership team retreat is designed to do just that – take a fresh look at your brand to drive results to a new plateau of success.

Larry created this dynamic daylong strategy venue for leadership teams and key stakeholders to find a focus and create a unique value proposition for their brands, capture mindshare, build brand awareness and leadership posture, drive brand preference and loyalty, unlock existing and new markets, increase revenue and market share, and, overall, build a great business story. The result? Build brand equity and increase business value.

What drives success is “owning something” in the customer’s mind. During this think-tank branding journey, Larry inspires, educates, and motivates a management team to engage in a session that energizes their minds to create new ideas to break though the marketing clutter and strengthen brand position.
This popular one-day session is an enjoyable, remarkable experience. Whether it is held at your office or at an offsite location away from the corporate hallways, your team will think in ways they never thought possible.

He facilitates a high energy, interactive strategic branding discussion where the passion runs high and the ideas flow faster than you can imagine.

We discuss the key marketing and branding challenges that impact your business revenue and growth. And, we also focus on internal branding strategies to ensure everyone in your organization understands your brand promise and the wonderful brand experience that should be delivered everyday. By truly believing in the vision and purpose of the organization, employees understand how their role contributes to your brand’s success and become raving fans – brand ambassadors.

Focusing on the numerous topics listed on the Brand Strategist page, your team comes away from the retreat feeling energized, feeling like a brand champion, having a new perspective about their contribution to the new branding initiatives. And, everyone leaves not only with consensus, but also with specific action items, deliverables and timelines...essentially, a new marketing roadmap to break through the marketing noise and drive new success.

Larry’s creative approach to brand marketing coupled with his passion to lead, energize, and mentor a team exceeds expectations on a variety of fronts. The investment in this one-day retreat will pay huge dividends in terms of building brand value and driving business growth.

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