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As a marketing executive and entrepreneur with an exceptional track record leading teams and building successful businesses, Larry provides the leadership and guidance to help companies focus and maximize the value of their brand and their business.

He is well known for developing powerful marketing ideas and strategies and new business development initiatives that build sustainable, leading brands that drive revenue, growth and shareholder value. Brands that are focused, deliver a unique value proposition, own something special in the customer’s mind, dominate a product category, emotionally connect to enhance customer loyalty, improve performance and increase business value.

Larry has introduced and positioned over 25 products for a variety of companies in the consumer goods and services, healthcare, technology, and professional and business services sectors. These organizations have spanned start-ups, emerging growth businesses, and entrepreneurial ventures to the Fortune 500.

He establishes close, valued relationships and is considered as a strategic partner to a senior management team. Whether Larry is consulting a management team to launch a new product or facilitating his FreshLook™ Brand Leadership Retreat, he provides the leadership and inspiration to create and implement strategic marketing, positioning, brand development, communications, and business development programs to build leading brands that propel revenue, drive business growth, and enable an organization to compete more effectively in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

Focusing the brand

Defining a point of difference

What word(s) do we want to own in the mind of the customer?
Owning a product category and dominating the market

Establishing leadership credentials

Delivering premium value -perceived as a brand, not a commodity

Expanding the brand or market

Developing a new brand name

Creating a new product category

Introducing a new product or re-positioning an existing one

Developing a cost-effective integrated communications program
Identifying the customer’s
“sweet spot”
Delivering on the brand's promise
Inspiring the team to take a creative look at the business
Making every touch point enhance brand image
Creating unique experiences
Emotional marketing - creating brand messages that are relevant and resonate
Defining the competition's position and how to outgun them
Creating relationship marketing initiatives to leverage success with other brands
Going to the front line -
"what's happening" on the street
Thinking outside-in versus inside-out to create a customer-centric culture
Developing a negative-problem tracking system to learn why people don’t buy
Internal branding-engage
every employee to be an ambassador for the brand
Nurturing and embracing a creative, enthusiastic and customer-centric culture
Discussing key issues and
trends that could impact business growth

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The length of Larry's assignments varies depending upon each client's needs. What doesn't vary are the break-through results he delivers and the trusted relationships he creates.
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